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eBay Instructions For Books
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Books are a really good item to sell, but it is important to have numbers.  The more books you have online, the more your daily averages will be.
You need to know how to price books in order to maximize your sales.

1)  Look on eBay, closed items, sort from highest to lowest price
2)  If not found in step #1, Look in the open items, sort from highest to lowe
3)  Use
advance search and enter author's last name, title and
year of book. Then sort from highest to lowest.
                         Key notes:

HC = Hardcover   (example = HC/DJ)

PB = Paperback

DJ = Dust Jacket

1st Edition      
-  Only one date on copywright page & cover page.
(example = 1st Edition or First Edition)

1st Print           -  Numbers 1 thru 10 in any order on copywrite page. This tye of
                             book should be priced higher than a regular 1st edition.
(example = 1st/1st or 1st Print, 1st Edition)

Review Book  -  A paper on back cover or inside back of book. This is a
                            preview book sent to book dealers / book store owners.  This
                            type of book should be priced higher than a 1st/1st edition.
(example =  Review Book, 1st/1st or 1st Print, 1st Edition)

Condition of Book  -  You will need to take in consideration the age of the book..
                                     Notate and take pictures or any writings, damage. Notate if
                                     ex library book, any spine damage, missing pages, etc..

Signed Books  -  Compare other signed books from author.
(example =  SIGNED by author)

Format of Listing  -  Use this format: Name of  book, "by" Author, year,
                                 special notes
(example = Becoming a Millionaire SIGNED by Chris Altpeter, 2015 HC/DJ, 1st/1st)

4)  Know the difference between closed auctions and closed store listings.
     Auctions will generally be lower priced.

5)  Price your book taking in consideration it's condition an rarity. List according
      to average sold price.

RARE BOOKS - If you can't find a simular book, this means it's more than likey
     a rare book. Pick a price and start it at auction. If not sold, you can convert to a
     fixed price store item later. You can research auuthor and see if their books sell
     high, etc.