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Estate Sale Company - Mission Statement

We are a full service estate sale company prioviding dedicated services to not only veterans and their families, but to ANYBODY who needs our services.

We set-up, research values, manage the estate sale, and optionally supervise the cleanup afterwards.  Our rates are very competative and include no extra or hidden fees once a contract is signed.  We even lower the fees for vehicles and high-end estates.  We have our own security and work ethically to best serve our clients.

Chris Altpeter - (626) 922-1860

 Retired Army Veteran of 30 years (10 active, 3 deployed & 17 active reserve)
Current - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Civilan
Prior - Worker's Compensation supervisor and auditor of Beverly Hills
Altpeter's Furniture and Auctions - Family owned

That is more than 60 years service oriented work
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